Door County

An oasis in your backyard
Image courtesy of John Nienhuis/Destination Door County

A visit to Door County will remind you of the New England area. Yet, it’s so much more.

Trip to the CastFor starters, we have more shoreline than any other county in the United States thanks to our peninsula location on the “thumb” of Wisconsin! Our beaches along the coast of Lake Michigan will make you think you’re dipping your toes into the ocean.

Then there’s the shopping, with local artists and artisans selling their original work out of small shops and galleries.

Outdoor recreation abounds, with hiking and biking trails, kayak tours, golfing, charter fishing for fresh water salmon and more.

There are cherry orchards and cranberry fields everywhere (think wine, food, oilery), and you can even tour a lavender farm after taking a ferry to our very own island. #smellallthesmells

There’s even an outdoor theatre performing Shakespeare and restaurants to please every palate. Enjoy everything from family fare to gourmet cuisine.

Did we mention the restaurant with goats grazing on the grass-covered rooftop?

Perhaps it’s already obvious, but Door County is a place to experience rather than explain. Learn more about the endless possibilities:

Image courtesy of Hannah Hassler Photography.
"In Door County, they have a lot of shopping areas that you can go to, like every little city, there's always a new shop that I love to go to. There's also so many swimming areas and good places to go sailing, and they also have really great restaurants."
Hannah Hassler

So many ways to enjoy your free time

From boating to biking to breweries, Door County offers a new adventure every time you visit. Learn more about other places to explore nearby: