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We can’t imagine a more perfect formula for successful entrepreneurship than the outstanding work ethic forged in the Midwest combined with the infinite optimism of a Green Bay Packers fan!

To be honest, we got tired of losing all our best innovators to the East and West Coasts. So, we did something about it.

Startup Hub Entrepreneurial Success Starts Here

Whether a solo venture or an idea that requires space and staffing, every new startup needs the kind of support that comes from having taken that journey already.

Instead of competing in a cutthroat, shark-tank-type environment, the Startup Hub fosters collaboration and support for anyone looking to transform an idea into a viable business – or looking for guidance to grow or scale an existing business. It gives you the tools, the network, and sometimes even the financial backing to make it all happen.

What is Startup Hub?

Originally created in 1987 as a business incubator, the Startup Hub adopted its current name in 2019, growing into its modern 50,000 sq. ft facility on the west side of Green Bay.

Powered by the Greater Green Bay Chamber, the Startup Hub can provide both the physical space a new business might need plus serve as a behind-the-scenes hub for resources, advice, capital, and connections.

One of the coolest things about housing your new enterprise either virtually or physically in one of our spaces is the energy generated by gathering so many innovative spirits together.

They say success speaks for itself, so listen to what these Startup Hub Success stories have to say about their experiences:

Todd Ericksrud, MatchBack Systems

Omar King, King Fitness

This is not business as usual!The Urban Hub, powered by the Greater Green Bay Chamber

Whether you are established in the market, seeking resources, or refining your concept, the Urban Hub aims to create the connections and content for your growth.

What is the Urban Hub?

Launched by the Greater Green Bay Chamber in 2020, the Urban Hub is a 10,000-square-foot co-working space in Downtown Green Bay that helps fulfill entrepreneurial needs and further downtown innovation and development in the community.

At its core, the space offers growing businesses, remote workers, and home-based individuals a community they can join while offering a full array of amenities to meet all potential new and growing business needs, as well as the needs of the modern entrepreneur.

The Urban Hub also provides a space for companies that have workers from outside the area who frequently visit and need a high-end, modern office space in the heart of downtown without the expense.

Who is the Urban Hub for?

A Partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft

When Microsoft teams up with the Green Bay Packers, you get a perfect game plan for innovation and entrepreneurship!

Titletown Tech

TitletownTech was created to build and fund early-stage, high-growth businesses in Northeast Wisconsin across five key verticals:

  • Sports, Media and Entertainment
  • Digital Health
  • Agriculture, Water and Environment
  • Manufacturing and Construction Tech
  • Supply Chain Technology

These industries were chosen to complement the unique strengths of this area, providing opportunities for collaboration and local support for innovation and startups through built-in customers and available expertise.

Check out our cool creations

Read about these local startup success stories and learn about the resources available to support entrepreneurs throughout Greater Green Bay.

Startup Spotlight

Througout his career, Tyler Ellison worked and resided in several major cities across the country, including Dallas and Portland. But his midwestern roots run deep, and in 2019 they guided him back to Green Bay, this time to start a business of his own.
Image courtesy of Rhonda Chandler.
"There are so many opportunities and resources once you really start to do the research, there are so many resources at your fingertips. And individuals that want to help, that want to mentor you, that want to walk alongside you."
Rhonda Chandler, founder of Lovin' the Skin I'm In