Why we moved

Image courtesy of the City of De Pere

With an active Current Young Professionals group of roughly 2,000 people, there are literally thousands of young adults just like you who have already chosen to make the move to Greater Green Bay. Read their stories and listen to them share their experiences in their own words.

Image courtesy of the City of Green Bay.

Career Opportunities

“You don’t really think of Green Bay being this more up-and-coming area with a lot of job growth and opportunity, but I think people are starting to realize ‘hey, we’ve got these huge companies here that are doing great, growing constantly; how can we get in on the action too?'” – Luke Posthuma

“Green Bay specifically, you can see the work that you do have an immediate impact; you want to make an impact, you want to help your community, you want to grow that community and here, you’re able to do that and have an immediate impact that you can visually see. And helping people, it’s something that’s automatic, and it’s something you can say ‘oh, I did that, I actually put that in motion’ and it’s emotionally fulfilling as a career person.” – Stephanie Hummel

“I think Green Bay is a great place to be able to experience direct impact and have an impact on the community because one, it’s small, and two, it’s growing. And there is this newness that’s happening that that you get to be a part of.” – Jamila Seaton

Image courtesy of Shaunae Teske Photography.

Quality of Life

“If you want something that’s not as busy and you still get the good food, you still get the businesses here, the shops here, Green Bay is the place.” – Jocelyne Berumen

“In many ways, [Green Bay] defied my expectations. And partly because of the nature of its friendliness, neighborliness, I was able to network my way into a prominent, positive, exciting job that I couldn’t be any more excited to have.” – Amaad Rivera-Wagner

“We are very community-oriented here. And it’s honestly one of the best things about Green Bay.” – Jackie Krutz

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Cost of Living

Where I live now, it’s perfectly cost-effective and it wasn’t much more than what I was paying in De Pere in a suburb, so it’s cool to have that option and the pay market accommodates any cost increase or decrease that you would deal with.” – Cassie Mishler

“I wouldn’t have been able to do all of those things living out West; it’s so expensive that you don’t get to enjoy your life, you don’t get to have personal time. There’s a lot that I do that I don’t make an income from right now, and I don’t have to. I think that’s really huge. I have time to volunteer, time to make profound connections with others. I wasn’t able to develop what I was trying to [out West] because I had to put so much time and effort into just paying my bills.” – Valerie Steinken

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Embracing All Four Seasons

“The scenery here… you can get the forest, the beach and then the seasons. Depending on the season, you can go snowshoeing or sledding or ice skating. Each season has something great to offer in this area” – Aisha Morales

“I always try to go hiking out in every single season, even in winter. I put on my hiking boots and my gators; I don’t even own snowshoes but I make an effort to go out and it’s really a lot of fun. Green Bay does have a lot of trails and they have a lot of sledding hills, they have tubing, ice skating and then there’s people that go ice fishing all the time, too.” – Hannah Hassler

“I bought a state park pass, so I’m able to just hop around to different state parks; I’ve been up to the Peninsula State Park up in Door County and I’ve also been to High Cliffs down closer near Appleton– so, I mainly just hike, that’s my biggest thing. I’m hoping, when we have snow, that I can get into snowshoeing as well.” – Emma Gill

Image courtesy of Shaunae Teske Photography.

Close to Everything

“Having those amenities being really close by and tangible and just really easy to access but at the same time, it’s still smaller town vibe. You still have your privacy and all other sorts of things but at the same time, it’s high energy and energetic for young professionals looking for that aspect.” – Lydia Lynch

“I only travel five-minutes to work. Everything is, when it gets warmer, in walking distance. I can ride my bike and do more things outside. I feel like I can get in touch with myself and feel the outdoors. Experiences that I didn’t get to experience all the time in Baltimore.” – Joidon Jennings

Image courtesy of Michelle Bonkowski.

Veteran Friendly

“There’s definitely a large veteran community, so there’s a way to interact with other veterans, hear each other’s stories.” – Jesse Metco

“Coming to Green Bay, it was nothing but thank you’s and nothing but warm welcomes and it was very appreciative. So it does, it does make you feel good being in this community.” – Kelly Jones

“We felt like we had that sense of community right away. People really stopped and wanted to know, like ‘hey, what’s your story? Tell me your story.’ And so it was just really welcoming and we really enjoyed that.” – Michelle Bonkowski

Image courtesy of Shaunae Teske Photography.

Diverse Culture and Welcoming Community

“I feel like Green Bay is starting to be the new melting pot of Northeast Wisconsin.” – Lydia Lynch

“I don’t have to go to like Milwaukee for a good taco place, we have a lot more Mexican businesses around the area, Asian businesses in the area. I notice there are a lot of opportunities out there and it feels more like home sometimes because more people are coming out and making their businesses.” – Jocelyne Berumen

“I think there can be a misconception because a lot of our elected officials and a lot of our community groups are headed by people who are in the older generation. But, they’re getting infiltrated fairly quickly by younger people, and by people of color and by a lot more women.” – Stephanie Hummel