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Entrepreneurial Support


Whether you need help transforming an idea into a viable business or looking to grow an existing business, success starts here!

Every new startup needs support and we have that here in Greater Green Bay. Our community has give you the network, tools, and resources you need to put your dream into action.

Startup Hub

Created in 1987, the Startup Hub is a modern, 50,000 sq. ft. facility offering a variety of leasable office setups.

Powered by the Greater Green Bay Chamber, the Startup Hub can provide both the physical space a new business might need plus serve as a behind-the-scenes hub for resources, advice, capital, and connections.

The Urban Hub

Launched by the Greater Green Bay Chamber in 2020, the Urban Hub is a 10,000-square-foot co-working space in Downtown Green Bay that helps fulfill entrepreneurial needs and further downtown innovation.

At its core, the space offers growing businesses, remote workers, and home-based individuals a community they can join while offering a full array of amenities to meet their new and growing business needs, as well as the needs of the modern entrepreneur.

Titletown Tech

Through this partnership, TitletownTech was created to build and fund early-stage, high-growth businesses in Northeast Wisconsin across five key verticals:

  • Sports, Media and Entertainment
  • Digital Health
  • Agriculture, Water and Environment
  • Manufacturing and Construction Tech
  • Supply Chain Technology

Tundra Angels

Tundra Angels is a Green Bay-based angel investor network that delivers capital, connections, and customers to early stage startup founders.

Additional Resources

Find community and resources, hope and opportunities, and build a connection with those who can relate to you, your values, and your interests. View resources available to help you on our Community Hub page.

Build Up Tech Accelerator

Build Up is a virtual tech accelerator program. The program focuses on Idea & Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, high-growth tech-based startups in Northeast Wisconsin. Up to five companies from a range of verticals will be selected from a competitive applicant pool to participate in this free 10-week program.