Where community gatherings are a work of art
Image courtesy of the City of Green Bay

Green Bay is home to 46+ recognized neighborhood associations, covering over 2/3s of the City. Neighborhood associations, simply put, are neighbors living within a designated area of the City who are concerned about issues affecting their neighborhood and who have decided to work together to protect and ensure a better social and economic climate in their neighborhood. Each neighborhood has its own identity, which is expressed through artistic identification signs placed near the boundaries of each neighborhood.  

Though access to amenities, schools and recreation are often taken into consideration when deciding where to live, what is sometimes difficult to gauge are the qualitative attributes of a neighborhood. Is the neighborhood inclusive? Will I feel safe asking my neighbor to borrow a tool or cup of sugar? Active neighborhood associations are a sign of active and engaged neighbors and are a strong indicator that those hard-to-measure qualitative attributes are present. Neighborhood cleanups, block parties, Little Free Libraries, public art, neighborhood bike rides and neighborhood newsletters are just a sampling of ways neighborhood associations help make their neighborhood feel welcoming and inclusive. Whether you are looking to own or rent, there is a neighborhood in Green Bay you can call your own. 

Find Your Move

Image courtesy of Taylor Seyfried.
"Once I moved here, I really found that it has that 'home' feel to it and I feel very comfortable and relaxed here. Really, you can find just about anything you want in Green Bay."
Taylor Seyfried