Looking for a career where your hard work is valued and rewarded? Start casting your talent at a world-class foundry in Greater Green Bay!

No matter your job title, you’ll find numerous opportunities to grow within your role. Continuous learning and trying the many jobs that make each foundry successful is highly encouraged.

Both C.A. Lawton and Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry take great pride in the many generations of workers that have walked through their doors. Now’s the time to begin your own family tradition.

Lawton, since 1879

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry





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The C.A. Lawton Co.

The C.A. Lawton Co. is a fifth-generation foundry-centered manufacturer providing casting-centric solutions in an environment of safety, growth, and continuous improvement. In 1879, Charles Lawton and his uncle E.W. Arndt established what would become The C.A. Lawton Co. in De Pere, Wisconsin. Their first device was the “Bran Dresser,” designed by Lawton’s father to separate bran from flour. Today, Lawton produces large iron castings and machined components, as well as highly successful pattern designs.

material burning in a foundry before molding

Image courtesy of The C.A. Lawton Co.

Why work for The C.A. Lawton Co.?
  • A family-work atmosphere that encourages participation so that everyone can succeed.
  • A family-oriented culture with monthly appreciation events.
  • Plus, De Pere is a fantastic place to live and work!

“I’ve been with The C.A. Lawton Company for 22 years. The part I enjoy the most about my job is probably mentoring. It’s also fun to see when you’re done building a pattern. There’s pride in seeing things you’ve built.”

Tim W., Pattern Shop Supervisor


Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (WAF) brings the heat – literally! Since its beginnings in 1909, WAF produces high-quality aluminum-, copper-, bronze-, and brass-alloy castings for various industries, such as heavy-duty trucks, automotive, marine, oil, agriculture, defense, and medical. The foundry strives for safety, excellent quality, and on-time delivery of custom components for customers.

grinding a component at a foundry

Image courtesy of the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Why work for the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry?
  • Mold your future by taking on opportunities for advancement.
  • A strong company culture that inspires everyone to bring their best, succeed together, pursue potential, and invest in the future.
  • Leading technology that inspires safety and efficiency.

“The thing I like most about WAF is being a family-oriented company; you are a name, not a clock number. Also, the opportunity for advancements– I started on the floor and worked my way into management. The company sent me to college classes, technical seminars, and expos. You never stop learning.”

John K., WAF Process Engineer

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