Village of Pulaski


Village of Pulaski

Pulaski is known for many things including polka, the lively couple dance comprised of short half steps. But that’s the only thing done halfway in this village of just shy of 4,000 residents. Pulaski has a rich heritage of music, food, historic buildings and, best of all, friendly people, ALL just a short drive from Green Bay

The community is located directly on Mountain Bay State Trail, one of the longest trails in the state. The trail meanders through a mostly scenic, wooded route through three counties – and is only one of the outdoor draws in the area whether you’re into walking, biking or snowmobiling once the snow flies. Perhaps the best-kept secret in town: our fishing ponds. Nestled behind the Pulaski Polka Day Grounds, walk the trail, play disc golf and discover some soon-to-be-favorite fishing holes. Pulaski also boasts its own state-of-the-art Field of Dreams – four softball diamonds – through its Field of Dreams Initiative. And at the end of the day, retreat to your choice of living space, be it a condominium, luxury apartment or a beautiful home in a family-friendly neighborhood. 

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  • Pulaski Polka Days is an annual polka festival that lasts four days, bringing thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. 
  • Pączki is a specialty pastry reserved for once a year in honor of Fat Tuesday. Smurawa’s Country Bakery in Pulaski makes more than 34,000 of these delicious pastries that day each year. 
  • In the works: The Barnyard Estates, a home for small businesses, a place of gathering and a recreational facility.