Town of Ledgeview


Town of Ledgeview

The Town of Ledgeview’s roots may be set deep in the stone of the Niagara Escarpment, but we never stand still. Over recent years, we have become one of the most desirable communities to live in by building new roads, new neighborhoods, new business opportunities, new parks, with a brand that reminds us all to “Set our sights high,” a take on living on the ledge.

This limestone ridge runs roughly north and south through the middle of town. Ledgeview delivers breathtaking views of all nature has to offer. For bicyclists, we offer bike routes known as loops that allow you to explore and enjoy the nature-scape of Ledgeview by bicycle. Nearby, Fonferek’s Glen Conservancy is a 74-acre nature park featuring a waterfall, dolomite cliffs, a creek, native trees, and more for the nature-lover. The Ledgeview Golf Course isn’t just for golfers; the Ledgeview Trail Club maintains trails for fat tire bicyclists and cross-country skiers alike. Ledgeview Loops are mostly low-trafficked roads featuring scenic beauty for local bike clubs, families, and others to enjoy.

That said, Ledgeview offers many lifestyle options – from country and ledge top living to family-friendly neighborhoods. We offer low-trafficked roads and scenic beauty but are a short drive of all the amenities you need or want for daily life.

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  • Ledgeview has 90+ acres of programmed parks and 75+ acres of public green space to use, enjoy and explore. Each of the community’s five parks offers a little something different, whether that’s softball at Ledgeview Park, soccer at Scray Hill Park or hoops at Two Dollar Park.
  • Check out Olde School Square, a quaint shopping\dining area in Ledgeview, home to small boutiques, unique dining experiences, an event venue and other small businesses. Besides Old School Square, Ledgeview is home to just over 200 successful businesses. From small boutique shops to large production facilities.
  • The community claims more than one mile of the popular East River Trail, connecting to the surrounding communities of Allouez, Bellevue and De Pere along the East River. Public access is provided at four different areas in Ledgeview.