Explore Northeast Wisconsin

Image courtesy of the City of Green Bay

While Greater Green Bay can keep you busy in its own right, the options are endless when you expand to explore the entire Northeast Wisconsin area.

Image courtesy of the Greater Green Bay Chamber.
"I've gone up North, they have a resort up there that I just love. It's a small beach. It's beautiful, it's affordable and it's not that far so you can just drive to it. Everything is so nearby that you don't really have to travel too far."
Yanira Letona

We have an unfair advantage

Nestled between two Great Lakes – Lake Michigan and Lake Superior – and enjoying a varied landscape that includes forests, plains, river valleys, ledges and low mountains, Northeast Wisconsin has access to a little of everything.

It’s almost not fair to the other states.

The reality is that this region is so much more than most people expect. Most of the time, we’re happy to keep this hidden gem a bit of a secret, but we invite you to join us in our tundra wonderland.

So much to do… so much time to do it

With an average commute of less than 18-minutes, living and working in Greater Green Bay leaves a lot of time for fun and games. Learn more about other places to explore nearby: