Networking and leadership

If you have your sights set on making an impact by developing your leadership skills, it’s important to identify opportunities to develop and practice those skills. Get there faster in Greater Green Bay.
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Community leadership development programs

Regional businesses tapped into the area’s university network to create a series of intentional pathways to develop local leaders, including:

Looking for some additional guidance?

Being new to an area can be challenging. Tapping into existing social circles to meet area leader’s doesn’t always come easy. Enter: Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Concierge program. Our community concierge can help you discover the many facets of Greater Green Bay and jumpstart your engagement in the community. Through personal introductions,  they will provide you with the necessary information and diverse experiences to feel right at home in Greater Green Bay!

Image courtesy of Amaad Rivera-Wagner.
"There's a lot of opportunities both career-wise and a way to get involved, so the first moment since I got here, it's like 'oh, let me contact some of these folks and see if they are willing to talk with me.' I think it's incredible that the CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber said 'I would love to sit down with you, let's have coffee.' I think it's incredible that the Mayor of Green Bay, the third-largest city in Wisconsin, said 'oh, I think it would be great to look at your resume and talk to you and see where, what's available.'"
Amaad Rivera-Wagner

Pursue an advanced degree

Enjoy easy access to continuing education

With four universities and a world-class technical college within the Greater Green Bay community, pursuing an advanced degree can give you a boost toward greater expertise and greater responsibility. Research ongoing opportunities for continuing education and local programs for obtaining your MBA or other graduate degree here: