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Want to put your job search into context? Here’s a quick snapshot of employers in the Greater Green Bay area. Whether you are looking for a small business to make your mark or a world headquarters with room to grow – or maybe something special in between – we offer opportunities to fit your goals.

30 largest private employers

This list of the 30 largest private employers in Greater Green Bay is a nice mix of:

  • World headquarters based here
  • Global companies with a presence in the Green Bay area
  • Home-grown businesses with a regional footprint
Image courtesy of Taylor Seyfried.
"Green Bay offers a lot of opportunity for growth, I do believe that. You can find any kind of manufacturing environment you want here that has got a very diverse culture. Just in Georgia-Pacific, I feel like the pace here helps you grow and be smarter and really find things that you are good at and really make a difference."
Taylor Seyfried

Size isn’t everything

While large corporations often provide ample opportunity for career advancement, there’s also something to be said for connecting with a smaller team for the chance to make an immediate impact. The list below is nowhere near all-encompassing, but these companies give you a flavor of Greater Green Bay’s business personality and what our local economy is all about. There are even a few startup success stories included in this mix.

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Image courtesy of Jamila Seaton.
"I didn't realize P&G, Schreiber Foods, Georgia-Pacific, just have such a large presence here, [and they're] some pretty major companies that I already knew about. Also, just the general Northeast Wisconsin, which companies are headquartered in the area; that was really surprising, that it just didn't feel like I was in the middle of nowhere."
Jamila Seaton