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Want to put your job search into context? Here’s a quick snapshot of employers in the Greater Green Bay area. Whether you are looking for a small business to make your mark or a world headquarters with room to grow – or maybe something special in between – we offer opportunities to fit your goals.

30 largest private employers

This list of the 30 largest private employers in Greater Green Bay is a nice mix of:

  • World headquarters based here
  • Global companies with a presence in the Green Bay area
  • Home-grown businesses with a regional footprint
Image courtesy of Taylor Seyfried.
"Green Bay offers a lot of opportunity for growth, I do believe that. You can find any kind of manufacturing environment you want here that has got a very diverse culture. Just in Georgia-Pacific, I feel like the pace here helps you grow and be smarter and really find things that you are good at and really make a difference."
Taylor Seyfried

Size isn’t everything

While large corporations often provide ample opportunity for career advancement, there’s also something to be said for connecting with a smaller team for the chance to make an immediate impact. The list below is nowhere near all-encompassing, but these companies give you a flavor of Greater Green Bay’s business personality and what our local economy is all about. There are even a few startup success stories included in this mix.

Make your mark through public service

Explore the wealth of opportunities in the area’s public sector. One tangible way to help shape the community where you live and work is through city and county government. From economic development and civil engineering to politics to improving our incredible park system, there are countless ways to leave a legacy.

Something for everyone

With an international port, airport and one of the largest trucking companies in the country, opportunities abound for transportation and logistics professionals.

Garnering national recognition, our hospitals and healthcare systems rival – and exceed – most big city centers. In fact, many of our healthcare providers trained in metro settings and moved to Greater Green Bay for the lifestyle bump.

We serve as the headquarters for a global food producer employing countless scientists, engineers, marketing and communications professionals, logistics experts and leaders in operations.

Our professional football team creates careers in sports management, media production, orthopedics, statistical data analysis, coaching, travel coordination, contract negotiations, facilities management, community planning and development, foundation administration, entertainment and so much more.


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Image courtesy of Jamila Seaton.
"I didn't realize P&G, Schreiber Foods, Georgia-Pacific, just have such a large presence here, [and they're] some pretty major companies that I already knew about. Also, just the general Northeast Wisconsin, which companies are headquartered in the area; that was really surprising, that it just didn't feel like I was in the middle of nowhere."
Jamila Seaton