Build a life worth living

Smiles all around
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How do you define a successful, happy life?

It starts with a career you love. Doing work that provides a sense of fulfillment, where people appreciate your input and that compensates you fairly contributes to a good life.

But there’s more to life than work… and living in Greater Green Bay can be your gateway to the good life.

Home ownership

is within reach whenever you’re ready to take the leap. The low cost of living in this area means your paycheck covers more and still leaves room for saving, investing, adventure and more. Plus, your dream home probably costs less here.

Living Downtown

is an affordable option. Want to reside above a coffee shop and be within walking distance to downtown night life? It’s possible to live in the hub of activity for less than $1,000 per month.

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Importance of Safety

Don’t underestimate the importance of safety. Greater Green Bay has an incredibly low crime rate that enables you to explore without fear.

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Achieve better work/life balance

Short commutes, flowing traffic and living close to everything creates an environment where you have more free time versus work/commute time. What does that look like in your day-to-day life? It means time for hobbies on weeknights, the ability to volunteer and forward the causes closest to your heart and the capacity to pursue continuing education or an advanced degree.

Enjoy a high standard of living

Enjoy a high standard of living that includes exceptional healthcare, with access to specialists who learned in nationally-known programs and trained in large metro hospitals before choosing to make their move to Greater Green Bay.

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Make your mark

at your company and within the community. Your insight and influence can begin immediately.

Image courtesy of Dr. Preston Cherry.
"That family element, it's integral to my existence and so I can't wait to do it myself, and that is coming soon. I always see somebody with their spouse, I always see somebody with their children, I always see somebody with a friend, you know, walking in the park, walking on a trail... I don't see anybody walking by themselves."
Dr. Preston Cherry

Living the good life

Learn more about the benefits of living here and building a life in this community, where you will feel “at home” from the very beginning:

Ready to make your move?

Take the first steps toward building your life and career here with these easy resources:

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"I feel like there's this really strong sense of community here, which I had been seeking from pretty much all of the different cities I had lived in. Yeah, so I would say there's a lot of opportunity for community; it's artistic and it has the up-and-coming vibration to it that I think is really enticing."
Valerie Steinken