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Performing Arts & Entertainment

Feel the energy. Experience the energy.

Greater Green Bay has become a regular stop for local, regional, and national acts that grace our many stages (both indoor and outdoor). Theater experiences are endless, and the energy of it all is boundless. Day and night, weekdays and weekends, come be part of it. 


Art in Greater Green Bay is abound. It can be seen on various street corners, dressing up building facades and enhancing the garden landscapes in various parks. Indoor art exhibitions can be found throughout our museums or catch a traveling exhibit. Discover your own inner artist by participating in classes and workshops offered at locally-owned businesses or our higher education institutions.


Film festivals. Art festivals. Music festivals. Food festivals. Ice festivals. Even a Tall Ships Festival. In Greater Green Bay, there are festivals in every season. You’re guaranteed to find one that suits your interests and provides both an educational and entertaining experience for all ages. 


Greater Green Bay offers an eclectic variety of museums – all with ever-changing exhibits and events – to fill your brain with intrigue and knowledge. Immerse yourself in the history of our area as you

Live Music

Indoor. Outdoor. On the patio. On the stage. At a winery. In a coffee shop. Live music is everywhere in Greater Green Bay. National acts, regional acts, and plenty of local acts get your heart pulsing with excitement and your toes tapping to the many genres that can be heard at various venues throughout the area. 

Entertainment Venues

If you are moved by the ambience just as much as you are by the entertainment, Greater Green Bay has venues that will do it. We have intimate and ornate space, large and loud space, and every type of event venue in between. Each one is just as full of character and impressive as the next.  

Performing Arts Venues

From big Broadway productions to small dinner theater performances, you are surrounded by visual and auditory magnificence in Greater Green Bay. Local troupes, traveling shows, music, comedy, dance, drama, and more make create many memorable performances for all ages.