Veteran community

Mission: Home
Image courtesy of Jesse Metko

We believe everyone has two missions in life, to serve your country and to make this country worth serving. As a military family you have completed the first; let us help you accomplish the second in Greater Green Bay.

Your transition from military life to civilian life can be challenging for you and your whole family. We want to support you through the uncertainty of transition by connecting you to all that Greater Green Bay has to offer for those who have served and their families.

In Wisconsin, our shared values match your values. That means you have the opportunity to live and work in a community that represents you and your family.

Centrally located in North America, Greater Green Bay is a place where veterans thrive. With the fourth-largest veteran population by density in the state – and the fastest growing veteran population – this is clearly a community that other veterans recognize as home.

Image courtesy of Michelle Bonkowski.
"People want to know your stories, people genuinely want to know what you did and they want to thank you for your service, not that we need it, but it's nice to know that this community truly cares."
Michelle Bonkowski

Veteran ready

Many communities may be veteran-friendly, welcoming you into their ranks. But we’ve made the extra effort to create a community that is veteran ready.

What does that mean?

Veteran ready means companies who hire veterans not only appreciate the special skills you bring to the workforce but also understand, recognize – and remove – the potential challenges.

Veteran ready means that Greater Green Bay has developed relevant resources and support systems to guide you through the transition process.

Veteran ready means our focus is on you and your needs rather than our own. We help you reach your career goals by supporting your education and/or entrepreneurial aspirations.

Veteran ready means our benefits are better and your opportunities are greater here.

Learn more about the organizations that make this veteran community a place to call home:

Image courtesy of Ben Murray.
"I have hit the ground running and have not been happier at any point in my life. My wife has not been happier. My daughter, she made friends quickly and is incredibly happy and this is just a phenomenal place to be."
Ben Murray