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Image courtesy of Michael Peterson, Air Force

The million-dollar question for military veterans transitioning into a civilian career is whether employers will understand and value the unique skillset you can bring to any job.

Mission Wisconsin is dedicated to making sure they do.

Mission Wisconsin partners with local businesses to provide consulting services for hiring former military talent, recruiting veterans with the right competencies, and creating best practices for integrating new veteran hires into your corporate culture.

On the flip side, the transition coaches at Mission Wisconsin guide you through the process of presenting yourself in the best light, from resume reviews to interview preparation and no-cost transition coaching. It’s about more than finding a job… it’s about building a career and creating a good life for yourself and your family.

Connect with the transition coaches for one-on-one support and to tap into an entire network of veteran resources and referrals.

Veteran Employment Services at the Brown County Job Center is another excellent resource. In addition to helping you find job opportunities, the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) spotlights local businesses who do an exemplary job of supporting veterans at work. Contact Derek Jablonicky at DWD Brown County Job Center for more information.

Build your career here

In addition to veteran-specific career support, Greater Green Bay has a lot of advantages for anyone looking to build a life and a career here. For example:

We offer career paths in a wide variety of industries that are a good fit for making the most of your military training and experience, including transportation, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, technology and communications.

It’s impossible to list every company and every potential career path, but this list should give you a feel for the breadth of opportunity in the Greater Green Bay area.

Veterans and business ownership are a great combination! Learn more about resources for Vetrepreneurship services and support.

Greater Green Bay is filled with locally accessible pathways to pursue an MBA or other graduate degree, with three universities and an outstanding technical college part of the GI Bill. In addition, you’ll find a robust volunteer network for creating the kind of community you want to see in the world.