Image courtesy of Julie M. Gile Photography

There’s something special about the first warm day after a Wisconsin winter. People appreciate every ray of sunshine and every smile from passersby. We flock outside, showing up ridiculously underdressed but loving the lighter layers.

Image courtesy of Dr. Cherry Preston

We get spring fever.

Golf in 52-degree sunshine? Yes, please. Get our bikes out and start counting the miles for the season? Check and check. Hit the walking/running paths for a breath of fresh air? You bet. Spring in Greater Green Bay is more of an attitude than a season. It’s a time for everything to refresh and renew.

Spring is special

The list of spring activities could go on forever. It’s easy to appreciate all this season has to offer in a place that appreciates all the excitement that every season brings to our lives. Find more special events and fun things to do to fill your entire spring with adventure and activity: