Enjoying life year-round

Image courtesy of Hannah Hassler

If you have never experienced all four seasons in their prime, you’re in for a treat! Greater Green Bay is known for embracing outdoor life all year long.

Clean air

Smog is not a thing in Northeast Wisconsin. Enjoy the light breeze coming off Lake Michigan as you hike, bike, boat, fish and ski.

Varied landscapes

Wisconsin has a reputation for being miles of farmland. Yes, we have farms but we also have our share of varied landscapes thanks to the same glaciers that carved out the Great Lakes along our borders. Explore thick forests, sandy or smooth rock beaches, cliffs and bluffs, ski hills, waterfalls and caves.

Wisconsin has more than 800 miles of Great Lakes coastlineFreshwater

It feels strange to have to say this, but Green Bay is located on the Bay of Green Bay, an inlet of Lake Michigan. You would be surprised by how many people are…well…surprised by the fact that Greater Green Bay has so much water and shoreline throughout the area!

In addition to the Bay, the substantial Fox River runs right through downtown Green Bay and continues through and alongside many of the surrounding communities. This creates countless opportunities for waterfront paths, scenic parks and community gathering spaces, such as:

Finally, the area is dotted with dozens of smaller lakes that provide the robust cottage system that locals call “going Up North.” Spending time at the lake – big or small – is part of the fabric of Greater Green Bay and Wisconsin as a whole.

Explore more

Your playground awaits. We have a little of everything and know how to make the most of it all. Discover what makes each season here special: